About Parmos

We offer you the most reliable, cost-effective, and technically advanced products available today from some of the best brands in all over the world.
When it comes to quality roofing materials, the only place you should visit is Parmos Trading. With our huge range of quality materials, we enable our customers to do business within the  budget and time they want. It is not difficult to finish your job quickly and effortlessly with our service and expertise that is specific to your geography.

Our Services

Advance Roofing

The ultimate solutions for every kind of roof and products in 18 Countries...
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Fabric is only unique on the talented tailors hands... We are offering high standard labeling for your constructions.
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New Generated Playgrounds...
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Interior Design & Furniture

Please visit www.corenels.com
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Porcelein Tiles for flooring...
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More then 700 Containers has been shipped with Parmos in 2018 in 7 continents.
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